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August 24, 2011
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Main Menu Plug by Shakipu Main Menu Plug by Shakipu
Après l'annonce du projet Switchboard par l'équipe d'elementary et le Plug Sprint, j'ai voulu participer à ma manière en produisant un mockup d'un plug qui permettrait de gérer les icônes présentes dans Slingshot (c'est une sorte de remake d'alacarte).

After Switchboard and Plug Sprint being announced, I tried to participate with a mockup of a plug to manage the launchers in Slingshot (sort of remake of alacarte).

MISE À JOUR : j'ai fait une deuxième version avec une liste verticale plutôt qu'horizontale, après discussion, l'équipe d'elementary trouve qu'il vaut mieux utiliser une liste verticale. J'ai aussi corrigé une erreur de typo (j'avais écrit "Docky" au lieu de "Plank")

UPDATE : new version with vertical list. It seems that elementary team prefer this way. Let's see !
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opensas Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014
I also think that the best thing would be to configure slingshot from the launcher itself, dragging items. perhaps a right-click with new launcher for a dialog.

also, right clicking on a launcher should bring a dialog to configure the command, icon, etc...

I really like the mock (specially the second version) but I think it's better to keep it simple and intuitive
schnoodles Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2011
I really like both of the views. Version to seems a bit more natural to the feel of Elementary though. Awesome Job :)
OttoRobba Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2011
I like it. Vertical list takes the cake. Hmm, quick functionality question, how would it work supposing categories within categories?
I suppose it is not currently a problem for slingshot but seeing as they are adding folders to plank, that might happen in the future too.
Shakipu Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2011
I have to admit that the first time I made this mock-up, it was with Slingshot in mind. And currently, Slingshot doesn't support sub-categories (try it after installing Wine) if I'm not wrong : the last time I tried sub-categories in Slingshot, it didn't work. So I don't know how it would work, sorry...
OttoRobba Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2011
Hmm true, Slingshot does not (currently) support sub-categories. But if applications (like Wine) do it by default, it might be worth sorting it out. After some thought I did a simple change upon your mockup (I hope you don't mind, I credit you of course) that would solve the grouping issue [link]
Feel free to change or use whatever you want from that idea!
Shakipu Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2011
Good one. You gimme some ideas. If you want to make a better one, I can send you the original in svg. All my draws are under creative commons so feel free to use it ;)
OttoRobba Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2011
I would like that :D
Sent you a note. :)
3duard Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2011
I like version 2, too. Lol :D
alfalive Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2011
One think Plus Button Add a launcher should be after arrows on top panel. Couse it simplier to find.
Shakipu Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2011
I will think about it. Perhaps there will be a minor update ;). Thank you for your advices.
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